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Logistic Manufacturers and Suppliers of Great Britain

 The construction industry is as diverse as any other, with activities including quarrying, mining, infrastructure and buildings, manufacture of products and the operation, maintenance and disposal of products. The construction industry in the UK is quite vibrant, contributing about 7% of the national GDP (which translates to more than £110 billion annually). 

UK’s construction industry is largely private sector, though the public sector makes up a quarter of the overall output. The industry is made up of three main sectors:

• Social and commercial making up about 45%

• Residential, about 40%

• Infrastructure which is about 15%

Being a high risk, high cost, long term investment industry, it is usually a good indicator of the national economic performance. This means that anything affective the economy will largely affect the industry.

The Great Britain Logistics Manufacturing Industry

The transport and logistics industry is a subsector of the construction industry and is quite vast, covering areas such as supply chain supplies and management, freight logistics, vehicle manufacturing and retail, passenger transport, traffic management and transport planning. 

There are several manufacturing companies in the logistics industry today that are known for their high quality products. Over the years, these manufacturing firms have perfected their products to suit the changing market demands. They employ thousands of people and contribute millions to the national GDP. Here is a brief of the most popular manufacturers in the logistics industry.

1. GT Factors

GTF is a company that specializes in logistics supplies such as straps protectors, end fittings, lifting slings, lashings, mounty applicator and webbing among other products. Having been in the business for more than 25 years, GTF is one of the companies whose product quality is unmatched, in addition to reliable customer service. Our product quality is well maintained, thanks to our ISO 9001 certification; you can trust our processes and products.

2. Wincanton

When it comes to supply chain and third party logistics solutions, Wincanton is by far your best bet. The company supports businesses in countless sectors at all development stages including construction industry. Regardless of whether the business is a small niche retailer or a multinational corporation, you are assured of the company’s expertise and innovative approach to the industry’s logistics challenges.

3. The Turners Limited

Started in 1930 by the Turner brothers, the company has grown into one of the most innovative and professional service provider based on extensive logistics and technical experience. The The Turners Distribution company presents a portfolio of services and products that exceed the demands of the logistics environment today.

4. The Lloyd Fraser Group

This is a logistics third party services provider whose quality services at competitive rates have put them on the map in the industry. With years of experience in logistics solutions and considerable resources to ascertain that all goods are delivered as per specifications, Lloyd Fraser is one of your best logistics partners today. The services are both short and long term to meet all distribution and logistics needs. 

 5. Kuehne and Nagel

With a proven record as one of the most reputable and largest logistics companies in the world,  Kuehne + Nagel is one of the most renowned logistics companies and dedicated specialist today. The company understands the demands of various sectors, anticipates and meets their respective logistics requirements. With their experience in logistics technological advancements, best practices and years of experience, you are assured that your business is in safe hands when you deal with Kuehne + Nagel.

When picking out the best logistics product and services suppliers, it is important to look for a firm with a solid reputation, experience and the necessary accreditations. Check out the services they provide as well as the client testimonials.

A Little More On the UK Logistics Industry

The rise of new low cost manufacturing grounds such as China, coupled with declining trade barriers has resulted in more opportunities  for the emerging markets. The global logistics market’s established a foothold in these emerging alternatives to help them take advantage of the increasing demand in the logistics industry. This has increased industry consolidation as witnesses in the recent past. As global companies fight for market share, there is a need for innovative solutions as customers demand diversified services.

The Outsourcing Trend

In the recent past, the manufacturing industry has witnessed the rise of the outsourcing of innovative warehousing and supply chain management services as a way of efficiently meeting client demands. Outsourcing has gone hand in hand with the global technological evolution, which has made it possible for customers to easily access integrated services such as real time cargo tracking. It is imperative for logistics service providers to stay informed of all the technological advancements that make logistics easier, safer and faster. Companies with the best, most advanced logistics solutions are always ahead of the competition.

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